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Our family resides in these lands rich in history since the end of the 1800s. Since those days the passion for agriculture and the surrounding area has never left us. The farm is found on the southern shore of lake Bolsena, it goes from mount Bisenzio to the plains on the edge of the lake. Lake Bolsena, the biggest lake of vulcanic origin in Europe, benefits from a unique environment which favours cultures typical of the zone, including olives. Mount Bisenzio, far more ancient than the city that owns it, has a millenia long history starting from the Etruscan civilization, they too cultivated olive trees.


Our BLEND is the product of the oil obtained from the Canino, Leccino and Frantonio variety of olives, easily found in our area. DESIDERI is balanced between hotness and bitterness, rich of polyphenols which make it a strong antioxidant. This olive oil goes extraordinarily with delicate dishes such as boiled fish, fresh or cooked vegetables, pizza and many other meals.


The DESIDERI extra-virgin olive oil follows the principles of organic agriculture, it is produced exclusively with the olives of its own land, 350 meters above sea level on a vulcanic terrain. A selection of the finest olives is brought without further ado after being harvested to the oil mill where in twelve hours they are turned into a product of excellence. The method used for the pressing is a modern and innovative one, cold and at a controlled temperature. The olive oil is filtered, bottled and packaged immediately after to guarantee the optimal conservation of its quality for the longest duration of time possible.


The Canino is the queen variety of our territory. Its tiny olives give a high quality oil, green with golden reflections and full of polyphenols. The ideal oil to eat meat, legumes and soups with.

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Our farm follows the principles of biological agriculture, appreciation for our surrounding environment is more than just a way to grow our products, it’s a philosophy of life. Our agricultural practices alongside the respect for the natural cycles allow us to create products of quality with nutraceutic value.

Sommelier dell’Olio – Assaggiatore Professionale Agricoltura Biologica – Nocciole Bio

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